Our Store

Introducing products from Three Sisters Herbals!  We are proud to carry this amazing line of salves, tinctures, bath products, insect repellent and much more!

We also sell locally crafted herbal body and medicinal products made by herbalists Dina Falconi and Hillary Thing.

We also carry Chinese herbal teapills, supplements, herbal analgesic plasters and patches.  As well as raw Chinese herbs for customized formulas and will be selling western herbs in the future.

Falcon Formulations

A family-run business based on a six-acre homestead in Lyonsville, NY a hamlet of Stone Ridge.  Dina Falconi works with her husband, Tim in the gardens, local meadows and woods, cultivating the wild and medicinal herbs, fruits and flowers which are the natural foundation of Falcon Formulations products.

Products from Earthbound Apothecary

Hillary Thing’s products are made from the herbs that she grows herself and from medicinal plants that she carefully wild-harvests from the wild in her neighborhood. When necessary, they are purchased from other local, organic herb growers and suppliers.

Each product is made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Absolutely no synthetic chemical compounds are used as stabilizers or preservatives. The result is wholesome skin and healthcare products that employ the harmony and power of plants to promote the health and beauty of body and spirit.

Plum Flower Brand Teapills

Teapills are concentrated Chinese herbal tea formulas that are taken like supplements.  We use Plum Flower because of the high quality of their product line and the strict manufacturing guidelines that they adhere to in order to insure that the pills are free of toxins and  heavy metals and are manufactured in compliance with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Golden Flower Herbs

We also carry the Golden Flower line of herbal pills.  Golden Flower also abides by the FDA cGMP standards.

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