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Minya DeJohnette L.Ac. LMT

Minya DeJohnette is a NY State licensed acupuncturist and graduated from a three year Master Degree program at the Swedish Institute of Acupuncture (now part of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NY) in 2007 and studied previously for one year at the International College of Oriental Medicine in the United Kingdom. Her training at the Swedish Institute was focused on Classical Chinese Medicine which was implemented and taught under the guidance of Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th Generation Daoist Priest.

She has continued her acupuncture education in the field of pain management, sports injury recovery, and Chinese Dietary therapy. She has also studied Chinese Medicine for breast cancer support as well as taken the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center course in Acupuncture for the Cancer Patient.

Currently, Minya is continuing her acupuncture studies in advanced pain management, auto-immune disorders, anxiety and depression.

She is a NY State licensed massage therapist and studied at the Cayce-Reilly School of Massage Therapy.