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COVID-19 Best Practices for Reopening

As we slowly begin to reopen many businesses have to adapt to COVID prevention preparedness. Please be prepared for some considerable changes to how the clinic operates. All of these changes are to reduce chance of transmission to the lowest possible level.

These requirements are extensive, if they feel overwhelming don’t worry, we will go over them again when we call you to book your appointment. Many of these steps will feel less overwhelming in practice.¬†

    1. Intakes in the parking lot: Initial and followup intakes will now take place in the parking lot prior to entry into the clinic. We realize this is not the most comfortable place to have an intake but there’s a pretty willow tree to look at!
    2. COVID survey: Before each treatment we are required to have you fill out a simple COVID symptom survey. If you cannot fill out this survey online you can fill it out in the parking lot before entering the clinic. Sorry, it is required before every treatment and will be sent to you automatically. The good news is that you only have to fill out the Covid Informed Consent form the very first time you come back for treatment. Silver linings!
    3. Payment processing: Patients will have a choice to either pay by credit card in advance of their treatment or to bring a pre-signed check, cash or money order and drop it in the designated drop box. All receipts will need to be sent via text or email. You have the option of adding your credit card to your Jane account.
    4. Arrival to clinic: When patients arrive at the clinic they must wait in their car to for your pre-screening. We will come out to you. Patients and their partners or family members are no longer allowed to sit in waiting rooms unless that person is there to assist the patient for medical reasons.
    5. Screening: Screening will be done in the parking lot. Patients will have their temperature taken by infrared thermometer, followed by a pulse oximetry reading. If the temperature reads 100.4 or above we will cancel your appointment and refer you out for medical evaluation. If your oxygen saturation levels are below 95 and you do not have an underlying chronic respiratory condition (or nail polish!) we will refer you for follow up care with your primary care physician.
    6. Masks: Patients are required to wear masks at all times during their visit to the clinic unless thy are laying face down. Cloth masks are acceptable masks for patients especially if they have fun prints like the mouth of an angry honey badger. If you do not have access to a face mask you are required to notify us in advance so that one can be provided to you in the parking lot before entry.  Sadly, the masks we provide are boring.
    7. Hand sanitizing: All patients will be required to sanitize their hands with provided 70% alcohol based sanitizer upon entering the clinic and after using the restroom, well, washing hands in the restroom is also highly recommended.

It is our legal right to deny treatment to anyone who refuses to comply with these guidelines. You will not be allowed to enter the clinic without a mask.

Clinic Rooms

We observe CDC Hand sanitizing and washing techniques. Use of hand washing in between seeing each patient and/or cleaning hands with recommended 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer.

Each clinic room will be disinfected by the following procedure:

  • All exposed surfaces wiped down with EPA approved disinfectants with a thirty minute interval before the next patient enters the room to allow for full decontamination.
  • All sheets will be removed and placed in a sealed container. New sheets and table paper for each patient will be placed on the table.
  • Blankets can no longer be used.
  • All surfaces will be wiped down after any contact with a patient or employee.


  • The bathroom will be disinfected after each patient use and will be locked according to disinfectant contact time.
  • A water cooler will no longer be supplied due to the inability to properly monitor the possible spread through hand to hand contact.
  • No fabric furniture will be allowed in the clinic due to the absorptive nature of the material.
  • Magazines are now prohibited in the clinic.
  • Hand sensor triggered hand sanitizer will be provided in the reception area and bathroom.
  • Hand sensor triggered paper towel dispenser will be provided in the bathroom.
  • Clinic floors will be washed with disinfectant after each shift.
  • All trash cans will be hands free.  

Practitioner PPE use

  1. Your practitioner will wear a CDC approved surgical mask or KN95 mask if available at all times. It will be discarded any time the mask has been deemed contaminated. Since we are not specifically treating COVID patients we are not required to wear N95 masks.
  2. We will wear scrubs that are changed into upon entry into the clinic. They will be changed if any excess contact with a patient is determined to affect their clinic safety level and are washed according to standard laundering guidelines after each use.