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Our Services

First Time Acupuncture

From $75

Includes initial intake and treatment. Expect to leave about 1-1 1/2 hours for intake and total time resting on the table. If your time is limited just tell us what time you need to leave.

First Time Cupping


Includes initial intake. Acupuncture is normally included as part of the treatment however you can request treatments without it. Be prepared to set aside an hour.

Follow up Acupuncture

From $50

Select follow up treatments only after you have had a first time appointment. You are considered a new patient if it has beenmore than 3 years have passed since your last treatment.

Follow up Cupping

From $60

Follow up cupping treatments normally include acupuncture however you can request the treatment without it. Please allow for 45 mins to an hour for treatment.

Herbal Consultation


For new patients that just want treatment with herbal formulas. Includes abdominal diagnosis. It does not include an acupuncture treatment. Cost of Herbs are separate.

Auricular Acupuncture


Please note that unfortunately due to the COVID regulations, we cannot offer Addiction Ear acupuncture treatments at this time. You can still book a regular treatment though.