Other Techniques

The following are other techniques we might incorporate into your acupuncture treatment.


Moxibustion is an ancient Chinese Medical technique that uses the herb Mugwort. It involves the burning of the herb in a cigar-like form above certain acupuncture points of the body, on an inserted needle or sitting on top of a conduit such as dried garlic, ginger, aconite or salt, each having their own property.

Moxa is said to increase the circulation of Qi and blood in the body and to scatter cold which when trapped in the body can cause pain.

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Gua Sha

When someone experiences chronic pain or muscle tension it is often accompanied by stagnant blood. Stagnant blood is a result of oxygen deprivation to a certain area of the body. Gua Sha is an ancient technique that uses a smooth-edged surface such as an Asian soup spoon that is moved vigorously over the affected area using lubrication. This moves stagnant blood to the surface and allows fresh, oxygenated blood to take its place. It is known to have an amazing effect on tight, sore muscles and chronic pain. It is also used in conjunction with certain classical acupuncture techniques to open deep seated blockages in the body.

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Cupping is similar in function to Gua Sha but it works on a different level. The technique uses glass cups that have had a vacuum created either by suction or heat that are then placed over specific parts of the body. Cupping removes stagnant lymph and blood and is extremely beneficial for chronic muscle tension, respiratory disorders and acute colds and flu.

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